Solar Eclipse over Dresden / Germany 04-01-2011

Solar Eclipse over Dresden / Germany 04-01-2011 from Maik Thomas on Vimeo.

a little short edit of the patial solar eclipse we had this morning over dresden in germany.

shot at 09:40am – 10:52am

shot with:

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF 75-300mm

Music: all from

Nonima – Bit Encryption ( )
Nest – Trans Siberian ( )
Nest – Marefjellet ( )


Some facts about my Edit because some people ask me how i made this.

i´ve shot several clips. the complete footage is ca. 1h15min long. i grabed all the footage in aftereffects in a sequence. then i precomposed the composition and set the timescale to 2%. than i rendered it out.  no color correction and no special cuts are on the final clip. all flicker an moves i´ve created simply by panning and tilt my tripot and for the flicker i played around with my fader nd filter. for the sound editing i searched on for the right music. then i edit these 3 music tracks without the video in premiere pro. after that i put the videoclip over the sound and than i made the title sequence. title sequence is simply made by animate the scale and a animation of the directional blur effect. that was it. i´ve tried to keep it simple as possible and for me it looks great. :)

so thanks for watching and feel free to tell me your thougts about the video in the comments or talk with me on Twitter about it.

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